Phonics wouldn't have been replaced by Whole language 60 years ago, If it had been the best English Teaching Method


Dear Friend:
    I am the inventor of Xiaoma software(A new computer software for inputting Chinese character)and my name's Xiao shuiqing. Using the Arabic Numerals 0-9 Keyboard,You can input all the Chinese Characters into the computer easily. The inputting speed is very fast and it's to say that you just need press 1.5 Keys to input every Chinese character, even if you are primary school students. Moreover, Xiaoma'coding uses the Phonetic letters and strokes of the Chinese Characters, it's easy to study.
    In order to develop my reseaches deeply I have invented a lot of Xiaoma products according to the patent right. Such as Xiaoma 52 keys double entry keyboard computer, Chinese Character Mobile,Chinese-English Translation Machine and Checking Machines.I can predict that when those computer products come to the Market, the computer market will be divided into two groups. One is the products based on the English characters, the other is based on the Arabic Numerals, for example Xiaoma's Products. All those advanced products will be used firstly in many state departments, such as in the banks, Post offices, state defence,customs, and all the offices that automatic machines' keyboards are pressed by a hand. If possible,Xiaoma's Products will dominate the computer market home and abroad in the future. Xiaoma technology have gotten the Chinese patent right. There are two great contributions.Firstly, Xiaoma products have created the numeral attribute of the Chinese character.Secondly, It has changed the histories of the computer.
     In Seb.1992, I aquired the Outstanding Accomplishments Medal in developing new compter technologies by Massachusetts Institute of technology and the other two units in American Invention Exhibition. The governor of Massachusetts state met me and the article of "BOSTON HERALD" made a coverage for my invention. I was recorded in the book " whos who of the Asian-Pacific area Rim" by publishing house of Barons whos who in American. I was also recorded in the dictionary of famous person of " Chinese and foreign famous person dictionaries".
    My another invention is "English of phonetic notation and the method of inputting", the following is the introduction of this invention and the products related to the invention.
    It's a worldwide problem to read aloud English accurately without International Phonetic Symbols. The Chinese Premier and US President all pay much attention to it. The Ministry of Education in China has stipulated that the International Phonetic Symbols will be canceled in the textbooks of middle and primary schools gradually. All provinces and cities can adopt good teaching methods by themselves. English of phonetic notation that I invented has conquered the problem. English of phonetic notation is a learning method to study English fast which read aloud English with pronunciation rules of the English letters. It marks the information of pronunciation rules in the English letters with 4 symbols. Anyone can read aloud English accurately with it. So the learners will have the ability to read aloud English words with pronunciation rules instead of the International Phonetic Symbols.
    I have chosen 50 phoneme letters carefully to replace the International Phonetic Symbols according to pronunciation rules of English. I have composed the songs of the phoneme letters and pronunciation rules of English letters. A student that has never learned English can grasp the standard English pronunciation through several hours of singing the two songs. I have also invented the mnemonics of remembering the meaning of English words fast. The students can remember dozens of English new words in one hour.
    "Multimedia teaching software of English phonetic notation" has been developed according to this invention. The software has English pronunciation and Chinese pronunciation. There are mouth pictures of how to pronounce phoneme letters and interesting pictures of the meaning of English words in it. It also has many functions such as conversation, following to read and dictation. The user can settle the speed and times of reading. Anyone can learn English rapidly from the basic with the software. The introduction of the technology is put in
    English of phonetic notation has already appraised by formal Beijing Northern Yashi Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. At the benchmark date of appraisal, i.e. on 31st October 2002, this invention valued RMB55.88 million.The introduction of Beijing Northern Yashi Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. is in
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Intangible Assets Appraisal Report

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    I have given you a rough picture about my invention,I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate and to do businese.Thank you!

    yours faithfully, Shuiqing Xiao
Beijing Western Golden Key Educational Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 3-12, Building 11 Deshengli one area Xicheng District, Beijing
Postalcode: 100088
Tel: 010-86958671 Mobile: 13718540401

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