Les'son four the abil'ity of ma'king strat'egy for sale
第四课  行销能力
Ma'king strat'egy for sale is to let cus'tomers think your prod'ucts are good.
Ma'king strat'egy for sale is to let prod'ucts sell well.
Promo'tion is to sell prod'ucts well.
First, the pur'pose of estab'lishing en'terprise`
1. Create' cus'tomers --Depend' on promo'ting, ma'king strat'egy for sale. 
1. 创造顾客--靠推销、行销. 
2. Keep cus'tomers --Depend' on ser'ving.
Sec'ond, the pur'pose of ma'king strat'egy for sale
1. Let the prod'ucts sell well.
1. 让产品畅销. 
2. Make dif'ference from oth'ers.
2. 求差异化. 
Third, four ma'jor key el'ements of ma'king strat'egy for sale.
1. Prod'ucts: Desig'n prod'ucts and ser'vice accor'ding to the cus'tomers" request'.
1. 产品:依照顾客的要求设计他想要的产品和服务。 
2. Price: The price is that the cus'tomer can pay on the mar'ket.
2. 价格:市场上顾客可以支付的价格。 
3. Mar'keting chan'nel: Such as run'ning the trai'ning course, set'ting up the monop'olize`d shop, per`sonnel'"s promo'tion, on'line' sale, gov'ernment suppor'ting, etc..
3. 销售渠道:如办培训班、建立专卖店、业务员推销、网上销售、政府支持等。 
4. Prop`agan'da: For in'stance news'pa`per, tel'evision adver'tisement, ho'lding news brie'fing, distrib'u`ting adver'tisement lea'flet, stu'dent's praise, etc..
4. 宣传:如报纸、电视广告、发宣传单、开新闻发布会、学员口碑等。
Fourth, six big prob'lems of ma'king strat'egy for sale
四、 行销六大问题. 
1.  Who are my i`dea'l cus'tomer group?
1、 谁是我的理想顾客群?
2.  Where on earth are they?
2、 他们到底在哪里? 
3.  Why do they want to buy my prod'ucts?
3、 他们为什么要购买我的产品? 
4.  Why do they want to buy the ri'val"s prod'ucts?
4、 他们为什么要购买竞争对手的产品? 
5.  Why should not they buy the ri'val"s prod'ucts?
5、 他们为什么不该购买竞争对手的产品? 
6.  Why should they buy imme'diately?
6、 他们为什么应该立即购买?
Fifth, three ma'jor prin'ciples of ma'king strat'egy for sale
五、 行销三大原则
1. USP: The u`ni'que as'pect` that the prod'ucts worth buy'ing. O'nly I hav'e the as'pect`, oth'ers do not hav'e.
2. Lo`cali`za'tion: On'ce you think of a cer'tain brand, you think of a cer'tain prod'uct. For exa'mple Kang shifu is anoth'er word of in'stance noo'dle.
3. Test: Testing the price and prod'ucts is nec'essary. Such as the coke of McDon'ald, ev'ery cup is 4 yuan, if rise to 4.5 yuan the cus'tomer does not reduce', it can be fixed on 4.5 yuan.
The prin'ciple of good price:
(1) The high'est price that can be accep'ted by cus'tomers
(1) 顾客可接受的最高价位。 
(2) The price can make mon'ey mo'st. Fi'nd the max'imum val'ue` that the prof'it of in`divid'ual prod'uct mul'tiplie`s the sales quan'tity.
(2) 最赚钱的价位。找单个产品的利润和销售数量相乘的最大值。
Sixth, Three rules of doub'ling your achieve'ments fa'st
六、 快速倍增业绩的三个法则
1. Increa'se the num'ber of ser'ving the cus'tomer. There are o'ver 70 ways. Such as prop'aga`ting on the Net, distrib'u`ting lea'flet, ho'lding mee'ting to in`troduce’ prod'ucts, per`sonnel'"s promo'tion, fre'quent cus'tomer"s in`troduc'tion, etc..
2. Increa'se the amount' of mon'ey that cus'tomers consume' ev'ery time.
3. Increa'se the fre'quency of cus'tomers" consump'tion.
Sev'enth, the Pyr'amid where the prof'it doub'led
七、 利润倍增的金字塔。
There are prod'ucts of the low'est price that the mo'st peo'ple consume'.
Then the price is high'er and high'er, there are fewer and fewer peo'ple consu'ming.
Prod'ucts must be mul'tiple. There are prod'ucts of dif'ferent prices.
The course must be mul'tiple: there is Eng'lish, compu'ter, prod'ucts, and school, etc..
The strat'egy for sale must be in`ternat'ional, the prod'ucts must be sold to the whole world.
Eighth, four rules of the com`petit'ion
八、 竞争的四个法则 
1. Qual'ity com`petit'ion: The qual'ity must be asser'ted by cus'tomers.
2. Ser'vice com`petit'ion: Compare' the ser'vice if the qual'ity is the same.
3. Price com`petit'ion: Compare' the price if the ser'vice is the same.
4. Val'ue` com`petit'ion: Compare' the val'ue` if the price is the same, of'fer more val'ue` to cus'tomer.
Ni'nth, how to attack' the mar'ket
九、 如何进攻市场
1.  Reduc'tion: Make a reduc'tion first, rise in price a'fter there is pop`ular'ity.
1.  降价:先降价,有了知名度后再涨价。
For exa'mple the Jap`anese' au'tomobile` en'ters U.S.A. mar'ket.
2.  of'fer the new prod'ucts.
2.  提供新产品。 
3.  Cha'nge the goal mar'ket.
3.  改变目标市场。
Tenth, the rule of ma'king strat'egy for sale
十、 行销定律
The rule of ma'king strat'egy for sale is o'nly one: Customer's wit'ness.
Now list the meth'od of cus'tomers" wit'ness:
1.  The consu'mer"s advice' by using his own exper'ience as an exa'mple.
1、 消费者现身说法。 
2.  The pho'to`.
2、 照片。
3.  Statis'tics.
3、 统计数字。 
4.  Cus’tomer”s list and or'der
4、 顾客名单、订单。 
5.  One's own work exper'ience.
5、 自己的从业经历。 
6.  The pa'st rep`u`ta'tion and qualifica'tion.
6、 过去的声誉及资格。 
7.  The fi`nan'cial ref'erence, the pa'st prof'it.
7、 财务方面的参考资料,过去的利润。 
8.  Num'bers of the cit'y and coun'try that have on'ce vis'ited.
8、 曾经访问过的城市及国家数目。 
9.  The to'tal amount' of cus'tomers that you have served.
9、 所服务过的顾客总数。 
10. Fa'mous per'son, big cus'tomer"s list.
10. 名人、大顾客名单。
The case:
1. Who are my i`dea'l cus'tomer group?
1. 谁是我的理想顾客群?
A'nswer: The adult' who is poor in Eng'lish, he wants to stud'y Eng'lish.
Such as tax'i dri'ver, the atten'dant of ho`tel', the atten'dants of depart'ment, civ'il ser'vant, those who want to work in for'eign en'terprise`, those who want to go abroad', those who want to succeed' and make a lot of mon'ey, Fa'mous per'son, en`trepreneur', the mid'dle school stu'dent.
2. Where on earth are they?
2. 他们到底在哪里?
A'nswer: They are in tax'i cor`pora'tion, big ho`tel', empor'ium, gov'ernment depart'ments, hos'pital, school, trai'ning cen'ter, tal'ent mar'ket, en'try and ex'it man'agement of pub'lic secur'ity bur'eau`,etc..
3. Why should they buy my prod'ucts?
3. 他们为什么应该购买我的产品?
A'nswer: They want to fi'nd an effici'ent Eng'lish lear'ning meth'od to learn Eng'lish rap'idly.
4. Why do they buy the ri'val's prod'ucts?
4. 他们为什么会买竞争对手的产品?
A'nswer: The ri'val Cra'zy Eng'lish has great pop`ular'ity.
5. Why should not they buy the ri'val's prod'ucts?
A'nswer: Ri'val Cra'zy Eng'lish teach stu'dents from one, o'nly know how to pronoun'ce the Eng'lish words can they read aloud'.
In or'der to teach the begin'ner from zer'o`, Cra'zy Eng'lish marks pronun`cia'tion with Chi'nese' char'acters.
A'fter the begin'ner learn pronun`cia'tion with Chi'nese' char'acters, it"s ve'ry dif'ficult for him to read aloud' Eng'lish sen'tence with the stan'dard Eng'lish pronun`cia'tion.
6. Why should they buy imme'diately? Tell the rea'son.
A'nswer: The soo'ner you buy, the ear'lier can you learn Eng'lish, and you ben'efit from it ear'ly.
It is the fa'vour per'iod of pop`ulari`za'tion at pres'ent, the price is low.
It will rise in price when pop`ular'ity is great in the fu'ture.
For exa'mple we run the Eng'lish trai'ning course of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion, charge 600 yuan for 10 days.
Cra'zy Eng'lish trai'ning course charges 300 yuan 2 days.
7.Write down three meth'ods to increase' the num'ber of cus'tomer you ser've.
A'nswer: (1) u'tilize` "soft'ware` of sen'ding mails group". Deliv'er the Eng'lish meth'od of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion and brief school admis'sion on the net.
答: (1)利用“群发软件”。在网上发送注音英语方法、招生简章。 
(2) Get to gate to  the en'try and ex'it man'agement of'fice of pub'lic secur'ity bur'eau` and recrui'tment fair to distrib'ute` prop`agan'da lea'flet.
(3) Sell prod'ucts to the traf'fic bur'eau`, tax'i com'pany, large ho`tel', empor'ium, mid'dle school and run the speed-up course of spo'ken Eng'lish.
8. Write down three meth'ods to increase' the sum of mon'ey that cus'tomer consume's ev'ery time.
A'nswer: (1) If the cus'tomer buy text-books, there are tape, soft'ware` for'ming a complete' set.
(2) If par'ents accom'pany chil'dren"s trai'ning, the price is reduce'd by ha'lf.
(2) 子女参加培训,家长一起陪训,价格减半。 
(3) If you want to stud'y ten se'crets of succee'ding in get'ting rich fur’ther, buy tea'ching CDs of Mr. Du yunsheng, the fa'mous great ma'ster in success' of Taiwan.
(3) 想进一步学习成功致富的十个秘密,请购买台湾著名成功学大师杜云生先生的讲课CD。 
9. Write down three meth'ods to increase' consump'tion fre'quency of cus'tomer.
(1) Fin'ish ju'nior cla'ss of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion you can join oth'er pho`net'ic no`ta'tion cla'sses at 10% dis'count`.
(1) 学完注音英语初级班,优惠10%参加其他的注音英语培训。 
(2) Fin'ish Eng'lish trai'ning course of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion you can buy ser'ies of prod'ucts at 10% dis'count`.
(2) 学完注音英语培训班学习的学员,优惠10%购买所有注音英语系列产品。 
(3) You can join compu'ter trai'ning course at 10% dis'count`, you will stud'y to in'put` Chi'nese', Eng'lish and pho`net'ic no`ta'tion Eng'lish fa'st with 0-9 ten fig'ures. You will al'so` learn to desig'n web'page.
(3) 优惠10%参加电脑培训班,学习用0-9十个数字快速输入中文、英文、注音英语,学习设计网页。 
10. What is the u`ni'que as'pect` that my prod'ucts worth buy'ing?
10. 我的产品独特的卖点是什么?
A'nswer: The u`ni'que as'pect` is: read aloud' the Eng'lish sen'tence ac'curately accor'ding to pronun`cia'tion rules of Eng'lish direc'tly.
This is can"t be done by an'y oth'er Eng'lish lear'ning meth'ods of the whole coun'try.
Our slo'gan is: help 300 mil'lion Chi'nese' speak Eng'lish ac'curately.
11. What is the e'qual name of my prod'ucts?
11. 我的产品的名字等于什么的代名词?
A'nswer: Eng'lish of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion is the e'qual name of quick Eng'lish.
12. Devel'op your cre`a`tiv'ity  and desig'n the prod'ucts that cus'tomers dema'nd accor'ding to the key el'ements of strat'egy for sale. 
12. 发挥创造力, 依照行销的四要素设计出顾客需求的产品。
Desig'n the price that can be accep'ted.
There are un'block'ed chan'nel and prop`agan'da.
All of them make up in'to` a scheme to increase' the prof'it.
Write down it.
(1) the prod'ucts: text-books of lear'ning Eng'lish rap'idly, tape, soft'ware`, CD, note'book` compu'ter of 52 keys, net'work' school of lear'ning Eng'lish rap'idly, per'sonally instruc'tion cla'ss.
Sat'isfie`d the dema'nds of Eng'lish lear'ner from zer'o`.
(2) the price: (prin'ciple: Win vic’tory with quan'tity, small prof'its and big quan'tity) Each vol'ume` of text-book is 15 yuan or 30 yuan.
2.价格: (订价原则:以量取胜,薄利多销 )教材每册15-30元。
The tape is 10 yuan per rec'ord`, CD is 10 yuan per piece, soft'ware` is from 100 yuan to 300 yuan per set.
录音带每盘10元, 光盘每张10元, 软件每套100-300元。
Ju'nior cla'ss is 80 hours, and the trai'ning fee is from 480 yuan to 640 yuan each per'iod.
It"s 8 yuan in the in`terme'diate cla'ss and adva'nced cla'ss each hour.
Note'book` compu'ter of 52 keys is 5000 yuan each one.
This is a price that can be accep'ted by mo'st consu'mers.
(3) Mar'keting chan'nel: set up a'gency, trai'ning cen'ter to sell prod'ucts and run Eng'lish speed-up courses in the whole coun'try, giv'e mo'st of prof'its to the a'gency.
(3) 销售渠道:在全国建立代理、培训部,销售产品,办英语速成班,给代理单位让大利。 
(4) Prop'agate`: Using a soft'ware` of sen'ding mails by group to deliv'er the Eng'lish sim'ple and ea'sy tea'ching mater'ials of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion and the school admis'sion bro`chure' on the net.
(4) 宣传:用群发软件,在网上发送注音英语简易教材,招生简章。
Deliv'er mil'lions of E-mails within' one year.
Ad'vertise` in Beijing Tal'ent Mar'ket News in succes'sion.
Par'tic'ipa`ting in the recrui'tment fair, distrib'u`ting prop`agan'da lea'flet and recrui't Eng'lish tea'cher at the mee'ting.
Get'ting to the en'try and ex'it gate of man'agement of'fice of pub'lic secur'ity bur'eau` of Beijing, trai'ning cen'ter of Eng'lish to distrib'u`ting prop`agan'da lea'flet.
到北京市公安局出入境管理处门口, 各英语培训中心附近发宣传单。
Consult' with the direc'tor of traf'fic bur'eau`, big ho`tel', empor'ium, school, hos'pital and gov'ernment of'fice, pop'ularize` Eng'lish of pho`net'ic no`ta'tion in all of the sys'tems.
Pub'lic praise accor'ding to leg'end stu'dent.  


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